If you would like to join TEN, contact us and we will be in touch soon. Candidate firms must agree to adhere to the TEN charter and be able to work in English.

10 good reasons to join TEN

1. More business

It could be just one new case or, if you make the most of membership, several cases every year, but simply being a TEN member makes you part of a network that can only boost your workload

2. Better service

Being able to help businesses and individuals deal with cases that involve foreign legal jurisdictions is not only a bonus for your existing clients, but can also be a powerful way to attract new ones.

3. Greater credibility

Bigger is, more often than not, seen as better and, by joining TEN, you not only enhance your own brand perception, but also get to reap the benefits of being seen as part of something bigger

4. Enhanced visibility

You probably already do a host of things to maximise the reach of your national marketing efforts, but imagine how much more you could gain from TEN helping make you visible on the European stage

5. Bigger thinking

Size isn’t everything, it’s what you do with it that counts. Small fish in big ponds can be hard to find, but joining TEN opens up a growing shoal of partners and a whole new ocean of possibilities

6. Share knowledge

You may be the best in your area of expertise, but that area comes to an end at your nation’s borders. With TEN, you can tap into expert knowledge from lawyers like you from over 20 countries across Europe

7. Expand horizons

Your firm may already specialise in certain services, but most likely cannot be everything to everyone. TEN lets you provide your clients with advice from trusted sources, even in areas you don’t cover

8. Deepen relations

Knowing people is good, but getting to know people is great. TEN is not just a network of law firms; we’re dozens of individuals who develop personal relationships to make the law work for our clients

9. Improve English

At the 18 member firms in TEN, we collectively speak more than 15 European languages, but we all use one language to work together seamlessly… Do you speak English too?

10. Social networking

Last but not least, TEN members regularly get to travel to some very special places in Europe for meetings, where we learn about life in other countries and get to try the best local food and wine