Buying and selling products and services across national borders gives rise to questions regarding the laws and courts that apply in cases where disputes occur. If your company is involved in international commercial contracts, you need expert advice to ensure you comply with all the relevant rules and regulations, wherever you do business.

TEN offers corporate clients specialised services for every aspect of international trade, including:

  • Agency, distribution, franchise and licensing agreements
  • Duration agreements
  • Takeover contracts
  • Letters of Intent (LOIs, intention agreements), non-disclosure agreements (NDAs, confidentiality agreements), compensation for non-compliance, retention of title, rights of complaint, retention, dissolution
    advice on general terms and conditions
  • EU trade rules and other international treaties (e.g. EEX Regulation, UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods)
  • Transportation agreements (CMR for international road transport and AVC for domestic road transport)
  • Default and unlawful acts