If you do business internationally and are looking for a lawyer who can offer assistance with setting up a company, operating in other jurisdictions, and complying with cross-border rules and regulations, or you simply need the best legal advice for all your everyday activities, contact TEN today.

TEN offers services to companies, boards of directors, corporate officers and shareholders, including:

  • Advice on establishing national or foreign companies
  • Consultancy to determine the type of company that suits your business goals
  • Domestic and overseas company registration
  • Drafting and amending documents (articles of association, incorporation, contracts, statutes)
  • Assistance with statutory authorization for a company’s purpose and activities
  • Due diligence audits and research
  • Changes to company management and structure
  • Liability risks for administrators and directors
  • Share capital increases and reduction
  • Shareholder agreements and conflict resolution
  • Share transfers (selling, buying, donating)
  • Stock options and assignment
  • Representation and assistance for stockholders in lawsuits regarding companies
  • Rervices related to shareholder, supervisory and management board meetings
  • Opening and closing of company subsidiaries and branches
  • Business transformation and winding-up of companies