Both individuals and legal entities, such as corporations, can be held liable for criminal offences. In cases where you or your company is charged with committing an offence or if you wish to bring a private prosecution against another party, you need to ensure you have the best professional advice to defend your interests.

TEN’s experienced and knowledgable lawyers can provide assistance in all kinds of penal proceedings, including:

  • Representation of victims, private or subsidiary prosecutors, and other parties
  • Advice and representation for criminal defense, including corporate and tax cases
  • Analysis and counsel regarding criminal liability
  • Client representation at preparatory and judicial proceedings before the courts
  • Prepartion of pre-prosecutorial indictments, criminal complaints and civil claims in criminal proceedings
  • Criminal defense under international agreements or the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
  • Redress for wrongful applications of preventive measures and wrongful conviction
  • Representation in international proceedings resulting in detention abroad and comparative penalties
  • Representation during plea negotiations to seek reduced punishment
  • Preparation of applications for conviction and the imposition of specific penalties or punishment
  • Preparation of pardon requests