The legal framework of the European Union is binding on each member state, has primacy over national laws, and, in cases of conflict, domestic legislation can be challenged in the European Court of Justice. With a presence in 18 European countries, TEN deals with cross-border cases and serves multinational clients on a daily basis.

TEN helps companies and individuals who do business and have interests in other EU and EFTA member nations, including:

  • Advice on international legislation and EU regulations for trade, transportation, import and export
  • Choosing jurisdiction in case of contractual (under Rome I Regulation) or non-contractual (Rome II) obligations
  • Analysing provisions of specific EU Regulations or Directives that may be applicable to corporate activities
  • M&A transactions involving EU countries, cooperation and joint-venture partnerships, or company associations (consortia, EEIG – European Economic Interest Grouping)
  • Setting up companies under EU law