Working on behalf of both business and individual clients, as insured parties who suffer losses or damages, and insurance companies, to defend against potential liability for claims, TEN can provide in-depth advice about every aspect of insurance law, particularly in circumstances where more than one jurisdiction is involved.

TEN offers corporate and private clients an extensive range of services to resolve insurance-related matters, such as:

  • Assistance with insurance contracts, guarantees and other products, including review, representation in contract negotiations, and drafting of standard terms and conditions, applications, and petitions
  • Legal assistance for entities operating in the insurance industry
  • Analysing individual claims for compensation in terms of legitimacy and merits
  • Determining the extent of damages in case of losses
  • Client representation in litigation against insurance companies in liquidation proceedings, pre-court negotiation, and drafting complaints, applications and appeals
  • Representing clients seeking compensation for:
    • personal injury or damages suffered as a result of a traffic accident, including:
      – determining responsibility
      – obtaining medical records, documents from police and other authorities
      – assistance in gathering documentary evidence
      – specfic claims, such as: compensation for physical and mental harm, reimbursement of hospital costs and out-of-hospital treatment, as well as medical specialists, reimbursement of medicines or rehabilitation equipment, reimbursement of travel expenses related to treatment, and, in the event of increased needs or incapacity for work compensation for lost income or pension payments.
    • property damages resulting from unforeseen events (e.g. fire, surges, floods), specific risks (e.g.burglary, robbery, devastation, breakage) and covered under third-party liability insurance (e.g. damage to a vehicle, its contents, or the costs of towing and storage)
    • injuries or damages caused by products (product liability)
    • medical errors resulting in the loss of health or life, including both one-off payments and permanent pensions for increased needs or loss of the ability to work
    • workplace-related accidents, resulting in compensation from social security and civil liability insurance, as well as direct compensation from employers