Nowadays we buy everything on the Internet…from mobile phones and from clothing up to flights and to hotels reservations. E­commerce is considered a quick and effective way to purchase.

But we must always be careful of scammers online shopping. Their activity increases especially during holiday periods (Christmas, New Year or summer vacations). According to the Italian State Police, during 2014 it has been exhibited around 81.000 complaints, which led to the seizure of about 2,400 websites and the arrest of 7 people.

Inspired by this, the idea of preparing 8 fundamental advices for a secure e­commerce, based on a practice followed by the Italian State Police.

  • Network of “phishing” or of “smishing”): are scams that by fake sms or e­mail require you to click on links that lead on websites with the sole purpose of obtaining personal and financial information from the people.
  • Use official apps: on smartphones, tablets, etc., it is safer to make purchases through the official apps of the online stores.
  • Prior read feedback from other users: the feedback is available on the online shop website but also in the various forums and social networks.
  • Check if the website really coincide with the shop: for example, first ensure that the site has the physical address, phone number or fax number, or the number of VAT.
  • Antivirus and browser updated: to ensure device security and protection against threats from the internet.
  • Secure purchases online: choose an expedition that ensures “traceability” of the package to its destination, although this service costs a little bit more.
  • Online payments: debit cards should be used rechargeable and provide only the data required for payment (card number, holder, etc.). There must always be present the “lock” closed in the web page or the ‘”https” in the address bar.
  • Beware of offers: it is always advisable to check well the “opportunities” as they may hide a scam. It is preferable to make purchases from the official and certificated websites of various online shops.

Publisher: Studio legale Poli