Which type of companies exist in Finland?

Under Finnish jurisdiction business can be practiced as a company, other community or a natural person. The most common types of companies are a limited liability company (public or private), a limited partnership and an open company.

What is the minimum capital requirement in the different types of companies?

At the moment the minimum capital requirement for a private limited liability company is EUR 2,500 and for public company EUR 80,000. The minimum capital requirement in private companies will be abolished and the amendment will come into force from July 2019.

Are there any requirements to the management of a company?

The limited companies must have a board of directors and it can also have a CEO and a Supervisory Board.

Which documents are required in order to establish a limited company in Finland?

To establish a limited company the necessary documents are the written company agreement and the statutes. A limited company must be registered in the Trade Register and the registration will create the company.

Is the ownership of a company in Finland public?

A limited liability company must maintain a shareholder register that must be available to anyone at the company’s office.

Can a foreign person or company owe shares in a Finnish Company?

A foreign persons or companies can be shareholders on Finnish companies.

What is the company tax rate?

At the moment (2019) Finnish company tax rate is 20 %.

The rules for issuing dividend

A company can issue dividend to the shareholders of any free equity. Dividends may not be distributed if it is known that the company is insolvent or the distributing of the funds may lead to insolvency