In order to start an NGO in Romania, the first step is to obtain a proof that the name of the future NGO is available. This proof is obtained from the Ministry of Justice based on a written request that can be sent by post. Such proof is issued in 30 days at most.

Once the name availability obtained, those who wish to start the NGO must obtain a document for the registered office. In this regard, they can conclude a rental agreement or a gratuitous rental agreement for such an office, they can purchase a property to be used as the registered office of the NGO or they establish it at the registered office of an attorney, but only for a limited period of time.

The next step would be to draft the articles of incorporation of the NGO. This document must include the name, registered office, duration of the NGO or the remark that the NGO is set up for an unlimited period, its purpose and objectives. Furthermore, this document must include information about the persons who are starting the NGO and how it will operate.

All these documents shall be certified by an attorney and will be prepared in seven (7) copies.

Based on these documents, a bank account must be opened on the name of the NGO in order to deposit the starting patrimony of the future NGO.

For each founding member a fiscal record must be requested from the local tax authorities.

All documents prepared for starting the NGO must be submitted, together with a request, to the competent District Court. Thus, the NGO shall acquire legal personality and shall be registered in the National Registry of Associations and Foundations.

The decision issued by the District Court must be presented by the NGO’s representatives to the tax authorities in order to obtain the tax certificate.

Publisher: Budușan & Associates