Individuals willing to work inside the EU, EEA or Switzerland as employees or independent contractors (self employed, sole proprietorship or family proprietorship owners) and who received a professional training or gained work experience in Romania should follow the procedure for obtaining the VAE certificate.

If interested in obtaining the VAE certificate, they should contact the Territorial Agencies for Payment and Social Inspection.  The applicants’ files must contain the following documents:

  • application form ;
  • identity card (photocopy);
  • birth certificate (photocopy), translated to Romanian if needed;
  • marriage certificate, translated to Romanian if needed (photocopy);
  • declaration on oath, given in front of a public notary (original), together with supporting documents.

The applicants can submit the documents to Territorial Agencies registration office or send the documents via post (with acknowledgement of receipt) or email (although, if sent by e-mail, the declaration should still be sent via post).

The deadline for processing the application should be set within a maximum of 30 days.

The VAE certificates can be picked up by the applicant in person or by another person, who is given power of attorney.

A person interested in validating professional experience as employee in Romania should provide the following documents

  • a copy of the page containing the applicant’s work records from the electronic record, certified by the legal representative of the employer or the person given power of attorney by the employer.
  • proof issued by the employer containing the data used for registering with the  General Personnel Records: name, surname, Personal Identification Number, date of employment, occupation in accordance with the Romanian Classification of Occupations or with other legal acts, type of contract, work responsibilities;
  • Employment Record Book (photocopy), if needed;
  • any other document issued by the employer proving the applicant’s professional activity and work experience in the occupational field he is qualified in, as it results from the personal file;

A person interested in validating professional experience as self employed in Romania should provide the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (copy) ;
  • the documents issued by the Trade Register Office (certified copies of the records, information about the registered data and other evidence about registered/unregistered activities;
  • any other document containing proof about the period in which the applicant conducted business and gained profit.

Publisher: Budușan & Associates