Individuals who wish to start a business in Romania can obtain a permit in this regard from the City Hall and work as a Self-employed person (SEP).

In order to start a business as a SEP, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

– the future self-employed person must be at least 18 years old; no record for severe crimes; good health so as to be able to perform an economic activity; to have a registered office; to hold a professional certification.

The first step for starting a business as a Self-employed person is to have a registered office. Therefore, a contract must be concluded with the owner (rental agreement, use contract, purchase-sale agreement, gratuitous rental agreement etc.), which must be registered at the Trade Registry together with all the other required documents.

If the registered office is located in an apartment building, it will be necessary to request the approval of the neighbors and of the flat owners association. A standard form must be signed by the neighbors and by the apartment building’s manager.

Furthermore, it is required to reserve a name and submit a request in this regard at the Trade Registry. It is allowed to use a combination of that person’s names (name and surname) followed by “PFA” (Self-employed person). This request must be submitted together with a copy of that person’s identity card.

Moreover, a signature specimen must be submitted as well by filling in a standard form. This form must be signed before the Director of the Trade Registry who will certify that signature.

Therefore, the file submitted at the Trade Registry must include the registration request, proof of the name, a fiscal registration form (VAT and other tax options must be as well included), a contract for the registered office, the approval of the flat owners association and of the neighbors, 3 copies of the Identity Card, signature specimen and statement (standard form) of the applicant that he complies with all required terms and conditions such as sanitary and veterinary regulations, labor protection, environmental protection, professional certification (bachelor’s degree, high school diploma, certificates of completion of various vocational training programs etc.).

Publisher: Budușan & Associates