Insolvency laws and rules can be complicated, and often differ significantly from country to country. If you do business internationally, you may come into contact with a customer or supplier who is bankrupt or not able to pay in due time. TEN provides corporate and personal clients with expert advice on national and European Union legislation.

TEN’s specialist lawyers can assist you with all kinds of cross-border bankruptcy or insolvency matters, including:

  • Liquidation, administration refinancing and corporate restructuring proceedings
  • The vesting and recovery of security rights
  • Liability of company directors and officers
  • Debt collection and property liens
  • Purchasing assets from bankrupt companies and trustees
  • Sale and leaseback transactions
  • Selling or restarting a company after bankruptcy has been declared
  • Assistance in mitigating risk to limit exposure for entrepreneurs
  • Due diligence in corporate and personal bankruptcy and insolvency registers
  • Advice on dealing with companies that have been declared bankrupt
  • Personal insolvency