The breakdown of a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership, especially where children are involved, is always difficult, in life and in law. When parents and children live in different jurisdictions, things can be more challenging. TEN can advise you on divorce, separation and custody, wherever you, your ex-partner and children may be.

TEN’s experienced lawyers specialise in cross-border solutions for every aspect of family legal matters, including:

  • Divorce or legal separation actions, including establishing jurisdiction
  • Arrangements for joint or sole parental responsibility over minors when the parents live in different countries
  • Procedures to establish or change the residence of minors from one country to another
  • Establishing visitation rights, including for countries other than minors’ place of residence
  • Determining and modifying child support or maintenance payments, when a parent lives abroad
  • Drafting and representation of requests for return of children, in cases of international abduction
  • Division of common property among ex-partners
  • Assistance with divorce proceedings by mutual consent or in proceedings with a notary
  • Applications based on European Council Regulation 2201/2003 concerning jurisdiction, and recognition and enforcement of judgments on matrimonial matters and matters of parental responsibility