In our inter-connected world, and especially within the European Union, national borders are increasingly no longer a barrier for businesses that wish to conduct international trade and cross-border commercial activities, but can still prove to be a major obstacle that impedes the free movement of people who may have a whole host of reasons for wanting to live and work abroad or overseas in another country.

TEN can help private individuals wishing to move from one state to another with a range of specialised legal services to make emigration and immigration easier, including:

  • assistance in applying for and obtaining various types of visas
  • advice about securing permits for temporary, long-term and permanent stays in an EU member state’s territory, including: registration certificates, community family-member card, permanent residence certificates for community citizens and/or family members
  • appealing against visa denials in court
  • disputing refusals to grant temporary or permanent rights to remain in an EU member state’s territory
  • assistance obtaining refugee status and the right of asylum, including ordinary and subsidiary procedures
  • advice on the free movement of workers within the EU, such as renewal and modifications of work permits
  • assistance with family reunification, including authorisations for temporary residence due to exceptional circomstances
  • procedure for obtaining another nationality, as a result of residency and other alternative routes or options
  • recognition and accreditation for foreign university degrees, diplomas and studies