Tomáš Vavro
Tomáš Vavro
Managing partner at VAVRO LEGAL

The law firm is based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the nation’s capital and home to 0.5 million people.
Team of VAVRO LEGAL possesses extensive experience and expertise in many areas of the law with critical importance to the business sector.

The main areas of expertise of the team include in particular commercial and civil law, labour law, business regulation, real property law, intellectual property law and IT law, including licences or personal data protection.

At the moment, the team of VAVRO LEGAL consists of 5 highly qualified and experienced attorneys and 1 junior lawyer.

Tomáš Vavro previously cooperated with a mid-size law firm based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia before leaving to set up his own firm. During his previous practise he gained a lot of experience in working with global companies operating in CEE region through their

With his deep understanding of the concerns that affect international clients, Tomáš Vavro now cooperates with a number of international entities and local business companies alike.