Our lawyers were welcomed on behalf of the Court’s of Appeal Divisions by Mrs. Isabella Mariani who made an extremely interesting presentation about the legal system in Italy, about the duration of lawsuits, the problems lawyers and clients have to face, especially the lack of judges compared to the high number of court cases.

The lawyers were also familiarized with the alternative dispute resolution procedures, namely about mediation according to Italian laws. Mr. Pietro Beretta Anguissola – representing the Mediation Body of Florence, conducted an interactive session regarding mediation. He talked about its importance in the Italian legal system – where mediation has become mandatory for certain types of disputes also as an attempt to reduce the number of cases that need to be solved by a judge.

May 2018: TEN members visit the Palace of Justice in Florence and discuss being part of TEN

On May 25th 2018, as part of TEN's annual general meeting, our host – Studio Legale POLI from Florence – organised a working visit to the new Palazzo di Giustizia (Palace of Justice) in Florence.This is a very impressive building, built over three hectares, which has brought together all of the law courts in Florence.Find out more: https://www.ten-law.net/ten-annual-general-meeting-2018-florence-italy/During the AGM we took the opportunity to ask many of the members for their thoughts on TEN.(Video duration: 10.47)

Gepostet von TEN: The European Network of Law Firms am Freitag, 1. Juni 2018