Over three full days of meetings and discussions, the members reviewed the many developments and successes of the past year, and took time to agree objectives for the coming year. One of the key topics discussed was the development of the international cooperation and knowledge sharing between the 18 law firms, with all members contributing creative ideas.

As well as the review and planning sessions, the members took the opportunity to meet representatives from Turkish law firm Güneş & Güneş and Bulgarian law firm Kottof & Partners. Both firms will be joining TEN this year, and were welcomed enthusiastically!



The TEN AGM is always a great opportunity for members to celebrate their ongoing collaboration and friendship, and this year was particularly special as members celebrated three decades of TEN.

Mr. Egbert van Ewijk and Martin Michel, the founders of TEN, marked the occasion with a joint speech: “TEN started with four members 30 years ago and has grown consistently to the 20 members that we have this year. Our strength is not just the knowledge and expertise that each firm brings to the network – more crucially, it is the long-lasting friendships between each of our TEN lawyers. That is what makes TEN unique!”