1. How can we divorce in Sweden and where?

In Sweden spouses can divorce by mutual agreement or, if one of the parties refuses to divorce, upon the request of the other spouse.
You apply for divorce at the district court.

2. What are the most common reasons that spouses may invoke?

The spouses don’t have to give any reasons.

3. How long does it take to divorce in Sweden?

If neither of the spouses live together with their own child under the age of 16 and the spouses have applied for divorce by agreement the district court may issue a judgement as soon as possible.
If you wish, you can have a period for reconsideration before you get divorced. The period of reconsideration is always six months. If you still want to divorce when the period of reconsideration has expired, you must give notice of this to the district court.
If the spouses disagree about the divorce or if one of them have children under the age of 16 living at home, there is always a period of reconsideration. If the spouses have lived apart for two years they can have a divorce immediately though.

4. What types of evidence can be used when divorcing?

In order to prove that the you have lived apart for two years you can enclose a certificate of separate living with your application. That is a document signed by two people who know you well.

5. What other family life aspects are settled once with the divorce?

If the spouses have children under the age of 18 they state in the application for divorce whether custody should me joint or if either of the parents should have sole custody.

6. Is my presence necessary when divorcing?


7. What kind of temporary measures concerning children can be ordered during divorce proceedings?

Thedistrict court may order temporary measures regardingcustody, the children’s residence and the children’s right of access with a parent.

8. How can a parent living abroad keep in touch with his child?

A parent living abroad can keep in touch with children in Sweden in many ways. For example by visiting them, having the children over or by different communication channels; video calls, WhatsApp calls etc.

9. In case a parent lives in another EU State, is that an obstacle for joint custody?


10. How can a divorce resolution issued in Sweden be acknowledged in another EU State?

A divorce resolution issued in Sweden is acknowledged in another EU state.